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19 September 2007 @ 09:22 pm
so i had a match today.  
we didn`t win.  
it`s just overall a very frustrating situation.

i`ve been doing this new thing lately called doing all my work during the day. 
it`s lovely having nothing to do at night.

i have to lift tomorrow -.-
not looking forward to that.
at all.

sooo pumped for marissa and boston this weekend. 

and then two more weeks until columbus day weekend.
where i will destroy ryan in guitar hero.

only two more dayssss of classes =]
until the weekenddd

peace and loveee <3
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18 September 2007 @ 10:13 pm

i took so many notes today my hand is cramped.

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17 September 2007 @ 10:06 pm
yes.  it is the most retarded thing in the world.  i had to go today after practice today.  i have to desire to be jacked and it`s embrassing to lift in front of a gym full of people.  blahhh.

so today was an alright day besides that. pretty uneventful.

i don`t have class until 10 tomorrow so i get to sleep until 9, which makes me do this =]

i got a TON of work done today, which also makes me do this =]

and i`m going to boston this weekend to see miss emily, which again, makes me do this =]

so yea, that`s about it.

peace and love <3
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so i have had a very eventful weeked.  

on saturday morning, i woke up at 7 for my 745 bus to colby-sawyer.  we got on the bus in the rain, and left.  finally, after driving about half an hour we decided that the rain wasn`t gonna stop so we turned around and came back to campus.  the match got moved to today, so therefore, yet another night we couldn`t go out.

so on saturday morning when we came back i got back in bed and slept until one.  then i made a walmart trip for some more string to make bracelets...cause i`m awesome like that.  then i did homework and went to lou`s casa at night for a little team night.  it was a lovely day.

however, today was supposed to be my relaxing and homework day, which needless to say did not end up happening.  we got on the bus at 745 and drove 3 hours to nh...i slept the entire time.  although you may think that`s relaxing...it`s not plesant waking up after sleeping on a bus cramped for three hours.  kristen and i lost our double`s match 8-8 (10-8)...really close match.  it was our first time in the lineup too, so i`d say it`s respectable.  we ended up losing the match 8-1 overall, and even though that looks like a blowout, it was a very very close match all around.  on the bus ride home, my phone and iPod died, so i think that says enough about that.

i must say that colby-sawyer needs to find come class.  tennis is a very classy sport, and they just had none.  both the girls and the fans were completely riduculous and it really grinded my gears.  at the end of the one singles match, the girl actually threw her racket in the air in celebration and cried....tears. was there a championship on the line that i was unaware of?  it was quite pathetic.

i`m skipping my 830 class tomorrow cause i need to sleep a little bit more than that.  so i`ll be well rested for my real classes and tennis tomorrow.  

so yeaa, pretty sweet weekend.  gonna go watch the sox and sleep.
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14 September 2007 @ 11:30 pm

ohhh man i`m so happy it`s the weekend.  i`ve had a stressful week and i need a break like no other.

but needless to say, i won`t get that break, cause i have to be at the rec center at 7:45 for a 4 hour bus ride to nh for our match vs colby sawyer.  so yes, tomorrow is not gonna be a great day, but whatever i`m still pumped.

i made a bracelet tonight and it`s amazing. just thought i would let everyone know.

so yea i`m gonna go to bed.  seeing that i have to get up earlier for the match than i do for class.

peace and love <3

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13 September 2007 @ 11:40 pm

good evening kids.

little late entry tonight, just finished my endless amounts of homework [truthfully i didn`t even finish =X].  i am now watching the colbert report and i will soon be heading off to beddd. 

i was planning on skipping my 8:30 class in the morning, seeing that i had a ton of work for that class and i get four freebee absences, but because i don`t know the ncaa policy on class attendance, i decided against it, fearing that i wouldn`t be able to play in the match on saturday. so needless to say, i stuck it out and did the mindnumbing homework.

i can`t wait for tomorrow!  i`m done with classes at 10:20, and in the afternoon i`m going to the wwhs tennis match at rogers in newport =]. i`m so pumped to see my giiiiirls!

the tennis team was completely blindsided by wnec today...we got our asses handed to us.  that`s enough about that.

anyways, my back hurts and i`m very tired, so i`m gonna go.

let me leave you with this quote:
"if there is no god, then who is bowling when it thunders?"

think about it. 

peace and love <3

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12 September 2007 @ 06:41 pm

sooo sorry i didn`t update yesterday...no like anyone was waiting patiently for me to do so.

yesterday was chem day, lab in the morning, class in the afternoon.  i absolutely hate chem, so needless to say it wasn`t a very good day.  

i can simply sum up today in one word: falafel.

falafel is my new favorite food, introduced to me by my double`s partner kristen romano at pick pocket`s in downtown newport.  i wasn`t sure how this trip would end up when we first started, because on the bus ride an old man proceeded to lay down on the floor of the bus and vomit into a plastic bag...right next to kristen`s foot.  needless to say this was absolutely disgusting.  but no worries, the rest of the trip ended up great because i would later eat the greatest food ever.  and then to top it all we didn`t have to take the bus back because the lovely jess smith drove us back to campus.  what a doll!

however, today was not all fun and falafel.  i had math today, and math<death as far as i`m concerned.  i think it would be more humane for the professor to shoot us on our way in the door than to make us sit through his lecture.  however, i do produce some pretty amazing doodles in there.

so i`m about to sit down to some primetime tv and do my homework [obviously]. the weekend is only two days away...thank GOD. 

well, i hope everyone has a delightful night.

peace and love <3

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10 September 2007 @ 09:15 pm
so yes, although livejournal is soo 2003, i have decided to make one along with my good friend ryan trouve in order to document my college experience.  i am well aware that i am sometimes a very boring person...but here you go:

so today i began my day with seeking wisdom, basically theology. the professor has a doctorate in sarced theology [aka an STD].  i`m pretty sure he`s so old that he could have written the bible himself and he has trouble controlling his saliva.
next i had anatomy...which is intense. i have taken 14 pages of notes for that class today, and this excessive notetaking has hindered my tennis playing...no joke. 

then i had retard math with my german professor who i swear is actually speaking german when he teaches, cause i don`t absorb any of it. 

later i had tennis practice, which went overtime as usual. 

i`m extremely busy.
nursing school is overwhelming.
and i have hit an all time low...i am watching the pick up artist.

but not to be completely pessimistic, i love love love college. it`s just very demanding.  but, with friends like my boy ryan to get me through it, i`m sure i`ll be okay.  not to mention the fact that there are only twenty four days until everyone comes home for columbus day weekend, which i am pumped for needless to say =]

so yea, that`s pretty much it for this one. i`m gonna try to hit this shit up every day, so stay posted bitchesss. 

peace and love <3
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